Introducing PROMO CLUB by Unique Business Promotions.

PROMO CLUB is a one-of-a-kind wholesale membership club that allows companies access to factory direct pricing on custom printed apparel, branded merchandise, swag and trade show giveaways.

* Get access to U.S. Factory Direct Pricing with absolutely no mark-ups. Not one penny!

* Just pay one low annual fee of $99.00 to get access to the lowest prices on the market.

* Transparency matters: Your card will be billed according to the Factory Invoice. Invoices will be e-mailed to you for each transaction. Order processing will be fulfilled by Unique Business Promotions.

* Ideal for businesses that frequently order logo merchandise or custom printed apparel, run an e-commerce store, attend many trade shows and events or have large corporate programs.

* Save thousands of dollars per year! How much exactly depends on your annual expenditure. An easy way to calculate your potential savings is by using our industry standard of 40% mark-up above wholesale cost. You, the customer, are paying the distributor that amount for fulfilling your order. With our unique wholesale subscription program you won't have to pay that 40% mark-up anymore. Just one low annual fee gets you exclusive access to all U.S. based promotional product factories that imprint hundreds of thousands of promotional items. Our program also includes screen printed and embroidered apparel and caps. 

 To see how much you can save contact us today!